Liquid Ink Dispensing

'In-plant' Ink Dispensing Systems

Rexson ink dispensing systems are often installed into a converting or printing plant by ink suppliers, as part of a long term ink supply contract. These ink dispensing machines will blend high quality press ready inks on a 'just-in-time' basis.

Our ink dispensing systems also rework press-return inks back into new blends, eliminating ink waste.

Rexson 'in-plant' or 'ink kitchen' dispensing systems will dispense flexo, gravure or screen inks. Ink technologies can include water-based, solvent-based and UV or EB cure inks.

'Factory' Ink Dispensing Systems

Rexson ink dispensing systems are used in an ink producers plant to quickly & efficiently make high quality bulk ink batches or dispense blended inks into buckets, for the direct supply to customers.

Return On Investment

Payback on Rexson ink dispensing systems is very quick as they recycle press return inks, reduce ink waste, cut stock holding and minimise press downtime. Our ink dispensers also provide comprehensive job costings and ISO audit trails.

View Applicable Products

Rexson ColorPoint IP

Low cost, High tech ink mixing system for the automated blending of water based inks and UV curing inks.

Rexson ColorPoint

Advanced fluid dispensing system, with up to 32 ingredient capacity. Suitable for dispensing water, oil and solvent based liquids and pastes.

ColorPoint Twinhead

Twin-head ColorPoint dispensing systems provide dual batch production from one control console. Double output, not double cost!

Rexson Software

ColorPoint Manager advanced administration and reporting software