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Rexson CheckWeigh

CheckWeigh is a manual formulating system for weighing out ink or paint recipes. It is ideal for customers who do not warrant a fully automated dispensing unit.

The CheckWeigh system simplifies formula & recipe mixing, press return management, ink rework and cost reporting - for disciplined, efficient and well managed ink rooms.

CheckWeigh systems comprise a computer linked to an electronic weighscale to provide on-screen guidance of manual weighing, as well as instructions for reworking press return or waste inks.

CheckWeigh includes the full suite of management and reporting software, as normally supplied with a Rexson automatic dispensing system. The software prompts the operator to select and weigh out the correct materials to obtain accurate results, as well as reworking ink, tracking ink usage & costs against the appropriate job number.

CheckWeigh typical applications:

• lab samples and formula development
• liquid ink management & blending
• 'spot color' offset ink mixing & blending


Manual weighing system for accurate and repeatable blending of formulations and ink mixes.

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A Rexson CheckWeigh offers the same control, reporting and traceability of a fully automatic system.

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Ink usage estimation packages and reporting of ink usage, press returns and costs for each print job.

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Prompts to re-use press return inks and control return ink stocks ensure an efficient ink room operation.

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Correction functions are standard to rectify any manual weighing errors to minimise rejects and waste.

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Hazardous area Class1 Div.1 systems are available for blending solvent based products.

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